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True Faith

And so it is….

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True faith is complete
unquestioning acceptance,
certainty. We do not need
to know how, when, where
for we know all is part of the
Divine plan which is always
for our highest good. Faith
is sweet surrender, total
unconscious belief–no
effort is required. It just is.

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In My Heart of Hearts…


In my heart of hearts,

I no longer want to be

Better than you

Smarter than you

Thinner than you

Prettier than you

Faster than you

Stronger than you

More accomplished than you

More creative than you

A better mother than you

A better friend than you

Better educated than you

ANYTHING more than you.

I want to walk this path

Side by side

In awe of who you are

In awe of what your gifts are

To see you only in love and light

With your beauty shining through

Just as you are.

And I want you to see me the same way.

For I really do love you

Just as you are.

I only thought I had to be better

In order for you to love me.

I drop this cloak of outshining at the gate.

It has been such a heavy burden,

An unnecessary burden

A self imposed burden.

Will you still love me

Being just as I am.

In my heart of hearts,

I know you will.

by Katy Stevenson Wirth